World-leading photography and artwork exhibition software

The lowdown, in thirty seconds

Image Armada is all about creating exhibitions - exhibitions in real galleries that can be explored in 3D using your PC. As with any real-world gallery, you can walk around, turn your head in any direction, view your artwork, photographs and any associated details all while listening to background music or recorded narration of your choice.

It's all about exhibiting digital art, photographs and movies. A fully-featured, modern, easy-to-use Builder application provides various gallery buildings; within which you can hang your artwork using frames and mounts of your choice. With oodles of customisable options; you can adjust the lighting levels, change the wallpaper, add furniture, set the background music, provide an audio narrative for each piece of artwork, the options are seemingly endless. Almost everything can be adjusted to fulfil your design vision.

Exhibitions can be then be packaged and distributed via CD or a web downloadable, along with a light-weight native Viewer that can be run on any other PC and not just your own. More recently, these exhibitions can be packaged into a form viewable directly using your web browser with no viewing software required - at all. Check out our Ray Caesar example exhibition to see what we mean about that. For other examples of our earlier downloadable exhibitions see here.

Everything you could want from a real-life exhibition can be found right here in this software. At the head of its field and continuously evolving to become ever-more progressive, Image Armada is all you need to preview and present your work to your clients, customers and prospective employers in this ever-increasingly digital age.

Check out our gallery and help pages for more of an insight into what it can do for you.

Demonstration exhibition